Slot Machine: Captain 8 in the Wild Woods


Gather ’round, we’re going on an adventure to The Wild Woods, an exotic environment. Stay close to me, friend, since there are dangerous snakes in the area.

You, space explorer, are needed. The next thrilling slots installment is Captain 8 and the Wild Woods. There is a new planet out there, and it has its own kind of fauna and people. Jump on board the spacecraft and prepare for the most exciting journey Section 8 Studio has ever created.

We’re venturing into unknown waters. Keep an eye out, since both Captain 8 and The Wild Woods include a plethora of Free Spins Bonus Rounds, Scatter symbols, and Wild symbols. There are 10 thrilling lines of action in this 5×3 slot machine.

In addition to Captain 8 and the Captain 8 Gold Shield, you’ll see alien symbols, serpents, and other well-known motifs. Time is of the essence; we must now begin this task. Let’s hurry up and get you through the simulated training.

Our gaming platform has been fine-tuned for instant-play on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The start of your journey into the wild is at hand.


Only on the 888casino platform can you play the fantastic Captain 8 and The Wild Woods slots. We recommend trying out the trial version of these exciting slot machines to get a feel for how they work before betting real money. Now that you know how the reels and grid work, you can start having some real fun!

You can wager anywhere from $0.10 and $50 on each spin. Captain 8 stresses the need of safe, responsible gaming. However, as you are about to learn, the woods may become quite dangerous.

If you want the full impact, turn up the audio and expand your screen to its maximum potential. There are also many more features for your amusement.

The Power 8 Progressive Jackpot is one of these. Any game that uses the Captain 8 format can win a piece of this prize. Additionally, the same icon serves as both a Wild and a Scatter. Both of these icons may be found on the Captain 8 Gold Shield.

Take a look at the high and low value symbols in this game.

Signs of Great Worth

You’ve Got It, Number 8

Dragon, Red

Dragon, Purple

Martian Hero

A Gold Shield for Captain 8

Insignificant Symbols

Space-Time Discos

Biologically Impossible Human Hearts

Unearthly Spades

Flowered UFO

Space-Borne Gems

Take note: the number 8 (Captain) is the game’s highest paying symbol. If you get five X symbols, you get a 5000X payout.


You’ll see a lot of primal signs in Captain 8 and the Wild Woods. When these come together, they might have a huge impact.

The gold shield worn by Captain 8 serves as the game’s Wild emblem. It can complete winning combos by standing in for any other symbol.

The Gold Shield of Captain 8 is the Scatter Symbol. The Free Spins bonus round is activated by getting three or more X Scatter symbols.

When 3X Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, the player is awarded 10X Free Spins. When the Free Spins Bonus is triggered, an Expanding symbol will emerge. While the Free Spins Bonus is active, 3x Captain 8 Gold Shield icons provide 10 additional free spins to the player.

This slot machine’s biggest selling point is its Power 8 Jackpot. This pooled jackpot is activated at random. The remaining time till the jackpot is won is displayed on a clock. Betting more money will increase a player’s chances of winning. Responsible gambling is always encouraged.


You may now enjoy Captain 8: Wild Woods on your mobile device! Assist Captain 8 in this exciting slot while charging your portable gadget. Keep in mind that the software is available for free on the software Store for your iPhone or iPad. Get yourself over to the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android smartphone.

These out-of-this-world experiences are powered by our in-house developed gaming platform, Orbit. The use of AI guarantees a top-notch game every time. Each of the six games in this series lives up to its hype. Galactic Megaways, The Portal of Peril, Cosmic Crystals, and Raiders’ Revenge are a few other examples of games of this genre.

Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Games, and the life-changing Power 8 Jackpot fill this action-packed slot machine. Experience the Wild Woods on the go with Captain 8.






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