Rising Royals is a video slot game developed by Microgaming.

When it Comes to Rising Royals, the Monarchy Is King.

New to the realm of online slot machines is Rising Royals, which transports players to the opulent world of the French royalty. This game, which was developed by Just For The Win solely for the purpose of providing Microgaming’s customers with an opportunity to relax in the luxurious atmosphere of the Palace of Versailles, is available to everyone. Rising Royals is a game that combines elegance and humor by having its characters dress up in lavish costumes and wigs. This allows the player to concentrate on having fun at the ball and, with any luck, picking up a few useful wins along the way.

Long live the monarchy!

The action of this slot machine, which has five reels and twenty pay lines, takes place in the gardens of the historic Palace of Versailles, which served as the primary residence of royals up until the beginning of the French Revolution. Rising Royals takes you all the way back to the time when the monarchy reigned, and this provided the game designers with lots of room to have fun. Today, the Chateau de Versailles is a popular tourist site, but Rising Royals transports you to the time when the monarchy ruled.

This game’s symbols include playing card ranks J, Q, K, and A (all of which are adorned with properly royal curls), a prince, a queen, a king, and the Rising Royals emblem. The playing card ranks J, Q, K, and A are all adorned with suitably royal curls. The illustrations of the symbols are of a very high quality, and the reels themselves are housed within an elaborate garden structure. This not only lends an air of refined sophistication to the game, but it also maintains a clear view of the palace in the distance.

While you spin the reels, an upbeat classical soundtrack plays in the background, and the sound effects are carefully tailored to fit the opulent setting.

Re-spin of the Symbol Lock

You will be awarded a free respin whenever you achieve a winning combination of higher-value symbols (specifically, members of the royal family), and those symbols will remain locked in place until the end of the round. If additional locked symbols show up, or if you achieve another winning combination of higher-value symbols, then the newly-appearing symbols will also be locked, and you will be given a further chance to re-spin the reels. This feature will come to an end when either you are unable to obtain any more of the higher-paying winning combinations or locked symbols, or when the reels are already completely saturated with locked symbols.

Symbol Improvements

Chandeliers can be seen to the left and right of the decorative frame that surrounds the reels. This is something that you will notice. A chandelier will get illuminated each time a symbol is successfully placed where it should be, as was just explained a few moments ago. If you light up all of the chandeliers, the levels of all of the locked symbols will be raised to the next highest possible level. If you have four locked prince symbols on the reels, for instance, those symbols will be upgraded to queen symbols when the game is played. If the symbols that are locked are kings, there is no possibility of an upgrade.

Let’s Get Ready to Be a King and Queen!

The game Rising Royals is not overly complicated, but it executes its objectives with a level of pleasing grace and panache. Proceed to Bethard Casino in order to see the palace for yourself, and we wish you the best of luck.






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