Michael Paulson

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Serving close to a trillion requests

Michael Paulson is a native Montanan, MSU alumni, and a Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix where he spends his time developing libraries for TV, Website and Mobile. The majority of Michael’s work has been in javascript, primarily focusing on the data layer between the front-end and middle-tier. His most recent work has been around the new Javascript Falcor client.

It is the illusion of every application that all the data from the server is on the device, ready to be used at any point. Serving close to a trillion requests, Falcor, Netflix next generation open source data access library, makes this illusion possible and has been powering the TV experience for years. The aim of this talk is to explain what is Falcor, how it works under the hood, and practical examples of how Netflix displays all of that data.