Justin Bigart

The Wisetail Way

Justin Bigart is the Founder & CEO of Wisetail and a proud Montana native.  The team at Wisetail gets up every day and competes directly with $1B+ software companies with nearly unlimited financial capital, massive engineering teams and even bigger sales and marketing budgets.

It’s a daunting challenge and – I’m proud to say – one that we are winning from a small office in Bozeman, MT with a team of 15 and no outside capital.  How is this possible?  Easy, we have the best product.  Over the past 5 years we’ve gone through dozens of product iterations driven by listening and experimenting.  We’ve also had the benefit of being small, nimble and in “perpetual beta” which, admittedly, is easy with a couple dozen people — but, can it scale to several hundred people?  My talk will be a real-time narrative of how we are working to grow our company without losing our engineering edge or breaking our culture.  I’ll cover our challenges, successes and what we are learning in hiring, training, org structure, development tools, deployment methodologies, office design, effective meetings — to name a few.  I’m also interested in learning from the group so expect an interactive session.