Jason Moore

UX Manager, Workiva

Why releasing 50 features < 1 solution

Recently, 200 enterprise product managers and startup founders were interviewed. 198 said they were keeping a list of product features they wanted to make a reality “some day”. While keeping a wish list of ideas has it’s own merits, even more impressive is what the other two startup founders were doing. These founders were keeping a list of problems they wanted to solve. They chose to fall in love with a problem rather than a list of ideas they wanted to build.

The question, “How do people currently get around [insert pain point here]?” is critical. Deeply understanding a problem can go a long way toward solving it with your next product or service.

Having wielded the keyboard and mouse for a touch over 15 years, I find myself currently on the UX team at Workiva. I get to collaborate with some amazing product teams who embrace lean UX and much of my time is spent solving user challenges by iterating through patterns and interfaces with other designers. I work across both Android and iOS platforms, as well as traditional desktop browsers, relying heavily on product discovery techniques to deliver Workiva’s industry-leading web applications.