Jason Lengstorf

Owner, Copter Labs

Jason Lengstorf

Get Bigger While Staying Small

For freelancers, the dream is to get enough work to stay busy all the time. But how do you grow a freelance business without working yourself to death? And how can you get all the benefits of having employees without all the burdens of taxes and “being an employer”?

Learn how Jason Lengstorf formed Copter Labs as a “distributed freelance collective” and grew to handle ten times the workload while only hiring two additional employees.

Jason Lengstorf a turbogeek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He designs and develops websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS, and HTML. He’s written two books (PHP for Absolute Beginners [2009 Apress] and Pro PHP and jQuery [2010 Apress]), and he’s written articles on development and design for Nettuts, CSS Tricks, and Smashing Magazine, among others.