Jason Johnson & Ernie Turner

Better Unit Testing in ReactJS

ReactJS has become an incredibly popular front-end framework in the few years since it’s release. But for all the articles and coverage it gets, there’s very little information about how to fully unit test your React components. We’ll go in depth on the testing utilities provided in the library and also show a handful of additional methods we’ve added to get your code coverage up to 100%.

Ernie Turner is a Montana native and MSU grad. He was one of the first two employees at Dataminr in Bozeman, even trying to code while a jackhammer was renovating the office. In his spare time he does what everyone else in Bozeman does, goes outside.

Jason Johnson is a Front-End engineer at Dataminr where he works on a number of web applications with a focus on maintainability, reusability, and full test coverage. Jason’s coworkers refer to him as a “brogrammer”, but lets face it, fist bumps spread 1/10th the amount of bacteria that a handshake does.