Harold Shinsato

Crafting Great Code

If you aspire to be a master at the craft of software, there are clues left behind by past masters. And there are new paths being hacked from the jungle by great thought leaders. In this talk, we’ll look at the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto, clean code, #zerobugs, Mob Programming, the Google Study on great teams, why refactoring is more important than testing, and no estimates (or letting management do the forecasting with real team data).

Harold Shinsato is a ‘culture hacker’ who coaches and consults individuals, teams and organizations. He’s been a coder since the seventies (last millenium), got his CS degree from MIT a little after then, and has a patent in a graph based visualization, is author of the OpenSpace Agility handbook, and co-founded and helps teach at Montana Code School.