Gwendolyn Landquist

University Center Marketing & Art Manager | University of Montana

Better Websites through Art

Born and raised in Montana, Gwendolyn Landquist is an artist who fell into graphic design and marketing by accident and has reeking design havoc at the University of Montana ever since. She gets the best of both worlds; Gwendolyn gets to play with her marketing team creating posters, videos, websites and everything in between, as well as surround herself with talented student artists planning art fairs, exhibits and public art. In her free time she can be spotted on the softball field, with a paint brush in her hand, or enjoying a local microbrew.

Whether looking at a work of art, a business logo, or a website… aesthetics matters. Effective design is about relationships and how the content, functionality and visual appearance of a website work together (or sometimes don’t) can either help or hinder you. This interactive session is designed to help you tap in to your inner Picasso and discover how you can harness the same principles and techniques used by fine artists to turn your website into a masterpiece.