George Lesica & Will Lyon

Graph Database Applications Using Neo4j

Graph databases allow highly interconnected data to be efficiently stored and queried. They have been adopted in a number of areas including fraud detection, marketing, and social network analysis. We will briefly introduce graph databases using a popular example, Neo4j, and then dive into some specific, and hopefully interesting, case studies, including source code.

George’s Bio
George is a computer programmer who lives in Missoula, Montana. He currently does front-end development in Dart at Workiva. He is interested in evolutionary computation, scientific and technical computing, functional programming, software development practices, and applications of graph theory.

Website – GOTO 10 Line


Will’s Bio
William Lyon is a Developer Relations Engineer at Neo Technology, stewards of the Neo4j graph database. As a software developer on the Developer Relations team, he works primarily on integrating Neo4j with other technologies, and helping other developers build applications with Neo4j. Prior to joining Neo, William worked as a software developer for startups in the real estate software, quantitative finance, and predictive API fields. William holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana.

Twitter – @lyonwj