Ephie Risho

7 Ways To Come Up With Better Ideas - Creating Innovations that Stick

Innovation is about creating and implementing new ideas. New ideas often come about by intersecting ideas from different fields. This can be difficult when we spend all of our time focused on one area of study. Innovation requires delving into non-related subject matter and/or being exposed to different kinds of people and ways of thinking. There are a number of helpful practices that nurture opportunities for new ideas to come to light.

This presentation will look at examples of innovation in the tech world and beyond, and also look at some scientific studies that have helped illuminate how the human brain innovates. We will then look at specific practices and ideas for building an environment that nurtures innovation for us today.

Ephie Risho currently works as an Interaction Designer at Workiva, Inc. He has a long history with web design in a wide range of industries from high tech, industrial, the arts, and local business, as well as a few attempted high tech startups over the last five years.