Doug Warner

Principal, OSITA, LLC

Doug Warner

Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups

What are your options around intellectual property as you begin building your business? What are the costs involved? In this presentation Doug Warner, Principal at OSITA LLC will discuss the various business-focused approaches for strategically handling IP for your business in light of your products and competitors. You will leave knowing the general approaches and time-frames relevant for making proactive business decisions on your IP rather than getting forced into making quick or arbitrary (and therefore likely poor) decisions about the technology that is the core of your business.

Doug Warner, Principal, is the driving force behind OSITA consulting. Doug’s extensive technological background and graduate degree in cognitive psychology serve him well in the fields of knowledge management and information technology.  This background flourished at RightNow Technologies where he was the originator and driving force behind the knowledge component of RightNow’s industry leading Web Customer Service application.

Doug started as one of the original employees RightNow Technologies. Throughout his 13 year tenure he was the driving force behind the RightNow Knowledge Foundation. He began as a software developer as well as the primary researcher and inventor who led the knowledge management team. He spent a year in professional services where he worked one-on-one with numerous global organizations overseeing the deployment of their knowledge bases.  Doug also spent several years as the Director of Product Management for the Knowledge Foundation.