Dave Simon

Product Development: UI/UX Lead, Wisetail

Don't Put Traffic Signals Upside Down: Color Accessibility in UI Design

Dave Simon is a fourth generation Montanan and has been designing for the web since the release of Mosaic. Dave has a unique skillset that bridges aesthetic and technical. He is just as comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator as a text editor and a Terminal window. Dave has designed everything from logos to posters to web apps, always trying to bring simplicity, clarity and usability to the forefront. When he’s not at a keyboard, he’s likely to be on a trail with his dog, Kenai in the Beartooths or fishing for salmon and halibut in Alaska.

Designing in limited space requires calculated sacrifices to communicate information as effectively as possible. Color, in context, is an efficient way to convey an idea. To remain accessible to the 8% of males and .5% of females who are have color deficient vision, color should be used in conjunction with another element of design such as shape, texture, placement in space or text label. We will discuss examples of good and bad use of color, explore what “colorblind” people really see, and how improper use of color can even endanger lives.