Chris Omland

AWS Code Deploy

Chris is caught somewhere between a Product Manager and Developer. After leading a development team focused on voice recognition technology in Boulder, CO Chris joined RightNow Technologies in 2008 where he was responsible for leading the Platform and Integration strategy for the RightNow product. Following the acquisition of RightNow by Oracle, Chris lead the product management team responsible for Oracle integration and accelerator development. In late 2015 Chris left Oracle to pursue more entrepreneurial opportunities. He holds a B.S in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. When not trying to decide between product management and development Chris can be found waterskiing, snow skiing, snowmobiling or spending time with his wife and daughter.

What if a single commit to git was all you needed to deploy a new version of your software to users? What if as your infrastructure scaled, new instances automatically deployed the latest version of your software? What if you could deploy new versions of your application with zero downtime? AWS CodeDeploy lets you do that and much more. In this session Chris will provide an introduction to AWS CodeDeploy and show you how you can leverage CodeDeploy to automate deployment of your application with zero downtime. We will cover configuring resources for a deployment, creating an application, preparing a deployment revision, deploying an application revision and how to monitor a deployment. By the end of this session you will understand what AWS CodeDeploy is and be able to begin using AWS CodeDeploy for your own application deployments.