Bob Wall

The Internet is a dog-eat-dog world, and your app is clad in Milk Bone underwear

Bob Wall has been designing and building software here in the Gallatin Valley since the late 80s, working for VLC, RightNow, and Oracle. He left in March 2015 to cofound IronCore Labs with Patrick Walsh, another RightNow/Oracle alumnus. When he’s not tinkering on code or trying to figure out the crazy ins and outs of starting a tech business, Bob is an unrepentant music junkie.

Your apps and data are under attack. Developers aren’t keeping up. You and your apps are perpetuating the problem. Prepare to be astounded and dismayed by an infographic firehose on the state of computer security. Learn some simple things your development organization can (and must) do to avoid being part of the problem. Feel free to bring your tinfoil hat, lead lined security blanket, or Faraday cage for comfort and electronic shelter after the talk.