The Team

Amanda Schuld

Usability Engineer, User Experience Researcher, Baker, Photographer, Novice World Traveler

I’m a people person with two engineering degrees and a Computer Science minor. The first time I was introduced to usability engineering/user experience research I was instantly hooked and knew it was what I wanted to do when I grow up. I am truly passionate about getting to know people, understanding the struggles and challenges they face, and creating solutions they get excited about.

Rob Lund

Twiddler of bits, Doer of things.

I love programming stuff. The majority of my development work is with web technology. I recently started working on a couple “meat-space” electronics projects, which is an entirely new area for me. I take every opportunity to learn more about my trade, and I thoroughly enjoy the community that has been built around Montana Programmers and BSDC.

Rob Irizarry

Rob Irizarry
Technogeek, husband, Dad, avid student of anything & everything.

I’ve spent 25 years in the technology industry, working with hardware and software in the finance, garment and automotive industries, working in and with public and private sector organizations from 10 people to the Fortune 10 building systems, processes and teams in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa and spent a decade living in Asia.

I was lucky to be an early employee at RightNow Technologies in Bozeman, joining in 1999 and working in a variety of roles in Sales, Product Management and the Customer Experience group.

After Oracle’s $1.8 billion acquisition of RightNow in 2012, I decided to get back to my startup roots, founding to help the Montana startup ecosystem grow, investing in a local software startup that uses machine learning to process large amounts of data from social networks and I’m in the throes of launching a second, bootstrapped startup.

I’ve got a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering and three patents pending on technology I helped develop.

Wes Hunt

Wes Hunt
Web Developer, Tech-preneur, and UX Fanatic.

I am passionate about all things web and improving users’ experiences.  After working with startups and tech giants all over the country I can soundly say there is no other place I would rather start a business or do tech than here in Montana.

Ian Merwin and I co-founded in 2008.  What started as a way to get out of the freelancing cave and get MT techies sharing knowledge morphed into a state wide community of developers, designers, and business leaders.  I never imagined how many passionate and talented people I would meet and be inspired by.

Daniel Hobbs

Daniel Hobbs
Web Nerd, Pedantic Software Engineer, Teacher of new Coders

I like creating things and helping others create things too. I spend most of my free time learning how to do both of those things “more better”.