2017 Speakers

This year’s conference is going to have an excellent line up of speakers. Check out more information on each speaker below.

  • Keynote – Mark Larimer

    Mark Larimer leads the Marketing and Client Services teams at Foundant Technologies. His past careers with Extended Systems and RightNow Technologies gives him the experience to understand technology… his compassion allows him to see how technology can be used to … Continue reading

  • Harold Shinsato

    Crafting Great Code

    Abstract: If you aspire to be a master at the craft of software, there are clues left behind by past masters. And there are new paths being hacked from the jungle by great thought leaders. In this talk, we’ll look … Continue reading

  • Scott Wiseman

    Kafka: Building a Data Pipeline

    Abstract: Scott is going cover how Kafka is used at SoFi as an event bus backbone for decoupled microservices. This presentation will also cover the motivation to use Kafka, and how specific requirements impacted adoption. The presentation will share the … Continue reading

  • Gabe Rudy

    Building A Cross-Platform App in JavaScript with React Native & Exponent

    Abstract As a side-project, I built a Hacker News meets Google Inbox app with React Native. From concept to app store publication, we will cover lessons learned, the basics of the React Native ecosystem and what you get with the … Continue reading

  • James Haring

    Intro to Web Assembly

    Abstract: WebAssembly is “an open source, portable, size and load time efficient format suitable for compilation to the web”. WebAssembly is supported by a consortium of all four major browser vendors (Mozilla, Google, Apple, Microsoft). A MVP was released in … Continue reading

  • Ephie Risho

    7 Ways To Come Up With Better Ideas - Creating Innovations that Stick

    Abstract: Innovation is about creating and implementing new ideas. New ideas often come about by intersecting ideas from different fields. This can be difficult when we spend all of our time focused on one area of study. Innovation requires delving … Continue reading

  • Ernie Turner

    Static Typing for React? Why Not Typescript?

    Abstract: As webapp complexity continues to grow a good static type system can be a developers best friend. While TypeScript is more commonly used in the Angular community, it also integrates really well into React/Redux apps. I’ll show how TypeScript … Continue reading

  • Lance Fisher

    Let's Build a Spreadsheet with Algorithms

    Abstract: We will build a spreadsheet engine from the ground up with JavaScript! First, we’ll build a parser and interpreter to understand formulas like `SUM(A1:B5)` or `AVERAGE(SUM(A1:A5), SUM(B1:B5), SUM(C1:C5))`. We’ll cover the basics of lexical analysis, abstract syntax trees, and … Continue reading

  • Cayley Hunt

    Dev and QA Cahooting

    Abstract: Helpful hints, ideas and real life examples of dev and qa working together. Share some examples of not working together and the cost and why we still need the antagonism. How TestComplete is the unit test of the QA … Continue reading

  • Patrick Walsh

    Stop Expecting Magic Fairy Dust: Be Secure By Design

    Abstract: Software developers are screwing up the digital world. Security is often an afterthought, or worse, the job of I.T., who is expected to sprinkle magic fairy dust on an app that magically makes it secure. That’s an impossible ask … Continue reading

  • Kenny Ketner

    Building a Chat Bot

    Abstract: We will explore some current chat AI tools such as Tracery, botman, AIML, and api.ai and go through the steps necessary to build a chat bot that could be used for personal, political, or business use cases on a … Continue reading

  • John Allwine

    OpenJSCAD - Make real things with code

    Abstract OpenSCAD is solid modeling software that can generate 3D models exclusively using code. Its functional language can be used to create primitive shapes such as cubes and spheres and combine them in different ways. OpenJSCAD was inspired by OpenSCAD, … Continue reading

  • Lightning Talks

    We are going to have a session of Lightning Talks this year. There are five slots available, and each talk will be limited to eight minutes. If you would like to give a short little talk on a topic that … Continue reading

  • Nora McDougall-Collins

    The Unexpected Challenges of Web Development for Microbusiness

    Abstract: We learn to code. We may even learn to code well. But, it’s an entirely different process when your client is someone who doesn’t know what they need. It’s even more of a different process when your client has … Continue reading

  • Leif Wickland

    Defusing the configuration time bomb

    Abstract: Hiding inside your configuration files are latent errors waiting to take down your app in a series of cascading failures. Let’s take a look at the paper which made that claim and the authors’ suggestion for how to avoid … Continue reading

  • Ryan Stout

    A Shallow Dive into Deep Learning

    Abstract: Since 2006, deep learning has been revolutionizing machine learning field. In the past few years, tools for deep learning have gotten much more accessible to programmers without a math PHD and copious amounts of time. It’s never been easier … Continue reading

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