2016 Speakers

We’ve put together an excellent lineup of speakers for this year’s conference. Check out more information on each speaker below.

  • Will Price

    Venture Capital in MT

    Bio: Married with two sons, 2x CEO, VC, love the outdoors Abstract: A review of where we stand relative to CO and UT and why the future looks bright.

  • Kevin Hubley

    Tax and Accounting Issues for Small Businesses

    Bio: Kevin is a native Montanan and has resided in Bozeman for the past 37 years. Kevin has been in public practice in Bozeman since graduating from Montana State University. Kevin has been a partner in the firm since 2005 … Continue reading

  • Brian Crumrine & Erik McDonald

    Lead QA Engineer & Software Engineer in Test

    Adventures in UI Automation

    Brian Crumrine

    Brian is the Lead QA Engineer at Pulsara, a health care platform focused on emergency care. Brian’s 17 years in software development testing have led him through an array of testing positions from tiny startups to the giants like Oracle. … Continue reading

  • Josef Verbanac

    Voice Is (A) Best Practice

    Bio: Josef is a Composition and Technical Writing Instructor at Montana State University and occasional IT support stringer. He’s collaborated on numerous web properties, most recently the Transom Online Workshop and the AIRMedia redesign. Lately, he’s been advising and teaching … Continue reading

  • Jeff Trom

    CTO Workiva

    Keynote: The challenges of growing a B2B software company from startup to public

    Abstract: What does it take to go from a startup to a public software company? Technology, culture, vision, execution and grit … learn from our few successes and many mistakes. Bio: Jeff Trom is a co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer … Continue reading

  • Zack Dannar

    Go for DevOps: Riding a Big Toothed Bear into Battle

    Bio: Zack Dannar works as a DevOps for Pulsara. In previous lives, he has provided services to RightNow, Oracle and Zoot. When not at work, you may find him riding OHVs and camping around Montana. Abstract: Your mother or someone … Continue reading

  • Bob Wall

    The Internet is a dog-eat-dog world, and your app is clad in Milk Bone underwear

    Bio: Bob Wall has been designing and building software here in the Gallatin Valley since the late 80s, working for VLC, RightNow, and Oracle. He left in March 2015 to cofound IronCore Labs with Patrick Walsh, another RightNow/Oracle alumnus. When … Continue reading

  • Pete Sveen

    How to Build, Grow, and Monetize Your Online Platform

    Bio: Pete Sveen is an avid outdoorsman, DIY’er, and online entrepreneur. He enjoys teaching and inspiring others through his online platforms DIYPETE.com and ThinkEntrepreneurship.com. Abstract: Learn how to build an online platform around your passion and monetize it to bring … Continue reading

  • Chris Omland

    AWS Code Deploy

    Bio: Chris is caught somewhere between a Product Manager and Developer. After leading a development team focused on voice recognition technology in Boulder, CO Chris joined RightNow Technologies in 2008 where he was responsible for leading the Platform and Integration … Continue reading

  • Lightning Talks

    We are going to have a session of Lightning Talks this year. There are five slots available, and each talk will be limited to eight minutes. If you would like to give a short little talk on a topic that … Continue reading

  • Jason Moore

    UX Manager, Workiva

    Why releasing 50 features < 1 solution

    Abstract: Recently, 200 enterprise product managers and startup founders were interviewed. 198 said they were keeping a list of product features they wanted to make a reality “some day”. While keeping a wish list of ideas has it’s own merits, … Continue reading

  • George Lesica & Will Lyon

    Graph Database Applications Using Neo4j

    Abstract Graph databases allow highly interconnected data to be efficiently stored and queried. They have been adopted in a number of areas including fraud detection, marketing, and social network analysis. We will briefly introduce graph databases using a popular example, … Continue reading

  • Leif Wickland

    Defusing the configuration time bomb

    Abstract: Hiding inside your configuration files are latent errors waiting to take down your app in a series of cascading failures. Let’s take a look at the paper which made that claim and the authors’ suggestion for how to avoid … Continue reading

  • Colt Frederickson

    Tests vs Types: Fight!

    Colt Frederickson

    Bio: Colt Frederickson works on the Reporting and Insights team at Rubicon Project where he tries to crush Big Data down into useful data. When he’s not doing that he’s climbing, hiking, biking or otherwise taking advantage of living in … Continue reading

  • Jeff Lutzenberger

    A Swift Kick in the Ass

    Abstract Join me on a whirlwind tour of Swift in a production environment. We’ll cover Swift’s design philosophy, its primitive types, functional programming features and its interoperability with Objective-C – all within the context of a production application. We’ll conclude … Continue reading

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