2015 Speakers

We’ve put together an excellent lineup of speakers for this year’s conference. Check out more information on each speaker below.


  • Josh Spitzer

    CEO of Schedulicity

    Total Rewrite: Untechnical Reflections on Paying Technical Debt

    Bio: Josh Spitzer is the CEO of Schedulicity. Previously he served as the company’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer. His career has focused on building disruptive businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, and building products that transform people’s lives.

  • Jeff Warren

    Co-Founder of Public Lab

    Public Lab: Two Approaches To Open Source Pollution Response

    Bio: The creator of GrassrootsMapping.org and co-founder and Research Director for the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, Jeffrey Warren designs mapping and civic science tools and professionally flies balloons and kites. Notable software he has created include the … Continue reading

  • Chris Conlon

    Securing Data in Transit: Using TLS in Constrained Devices

    Bio: Developer at wolfSSL. Tech and outdoor enthusiast. Enjoying innovation, exploration, and adventure – in technology and the outdoors. Abstract: As designers and developers race to pack cool and eye catching features into “Internet of Things” and connected devices, the … Continue reading

  • Lightning Talks

    We are going to have a session of Lightning Talks this year. There are five slots available, and each talk will be limited to eight minutes. If you would like to give a short little talk on a topic that … Continue reading

  • Gwendolyn Landquist

    University Center Marketing & Art Manager | University of Montana

    Better Websites through Art

    Bio: Born and raised in Montana, Gwendolyn Landquist is an artist who fell into graphic design and marketing by accident and has reeking design havoc at the University of Montana ever since. She gets the best of both worlds; Gwendolyn … Continue reading

  • John Allwine

    Inspiring Tomorrow's Makers

    Bio: Since childhood, John’s been creating visual, interactive programs that simulate reality. His early start in programming led to him getting a web developer position at O’Reilly Media in high school and on and off throughout college. Out of college, … Continue reading

  • Dave Simon

    Product Development: UI/UX Lead, Wisetail

    Don't Put Traffic Signals Upside Down: Color Accessibility in UI Design

    Bio: Dave Simon is a fourth generation Montanan and has been designing for the web since the release of Mosaic. Dave has a unique skillset that bridges aesthetic and technical. He is just as comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator as … Continue reading

  • Jason Johnson & Ernie Turner

    Better Unit Testing in ReactJS

    Abstract: ReactJS has become an incredibly popular front-end framework in the few years since it’s release. But for all the articles and coverage it gets, there’s very little information about how to fully unit test your React components. We’ll go … Continue reading

  • Ben Werner

    Founder at IgniteFeedback

    Mountains and Start-ups: Don't die along the journey

    Bio: Ben likes to pick a big objective and get after it. He pioneered the first backcountry skiing guidebook in the region (Backcountry Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky) and is the Founder and CEO of IgniteFeedback, a local cloud start-up … Continue reading

  • Michael Paulson

    Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

    Serving close to a trillion requests

    Bio: Michael Paulson is a native Montanan, MSU alumni, and a Sr. Software Engineer at Netflix where he spends his time developing libraries for TV, Website and Mobile. The majority of Michael’s work has been in javascript, primarily focusing on … Continue reading

  • Leif Wickland

    Defusing the configuration time bomb

    Abstract: Hiding inside your configuration files are latent errors waiting to take down your app in a series of cascading failures. Let’s take a look at the paper which made that claim and the authors’ suggestion for how to avoid … Continue reading

  • Colt Frederickson

    Tests vs Types: Fight!

    Colt Frederickson

    Bio: Colt Frederickson works on the Reporting and Insights team at Rubicon Project where he tries to crush Big Data down into useful data. When he’s not doing that he’s climbing, hiking, biking or otherwise taking advantage of living in … Continue reading

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