2014 Speakers

We are excited about the great speakers who are coming to Big Sky Dev Con this year. Check back to see which new speakers and keynotes are being added to the roster.


  • Ash King

    Senior Solutions Architect

    Managing Complexity in Software Projects

    Ashley King will cover the topic of Managing Complexity in Software Projects, looking at case studies of some of the more complex projects he’s been on such as Zap, AEG, Fox News / Evertz and If I Can Dream and … Continue reading

  • Lance Trebesch


    Lance Trebesch is CEO and co-owner of TicketPrinting.com + Ticket River and is responsible for all functions and operations across its seven business units of the company. Since becoming a co-owner and CEO of TicketRiver.com, Mr. Trebesch and his stellar … Continue reading

  • Erich Hannan & Luke Davison

    DevOps on AWS and how Erich and Luke Can Sleep at Night

    Erich and Luke will cover how they’ve built a scalable, self-healing DevOps environment in record time for an EMS and acute care platform.  By using Vagrant, Packer, AWS, and other technologies to standardize across development and production environments they managed to … Continue reading

  • Ben Echols

    What is Go and Why Should I Care

    Ben Echols is a Senior Software Engineer and Dev Lead at Webfilings where he writes software for Google App Engine.  His background includes working on many different server stacks for software companies such as MSNBC, Microsoft Mobile, Nokia Ovi, Microsoft … Continue reading

  • Jason Kruger

    Google GLASS & Quadcopters

    Jason Kruger is software developer at Wisetail and Google GLASS Explorer with a penchant for wearable devices and quadcopters. In keeping with the BSDC theme of “Design, Build, Do”, Jason is going to lead us in a discussion and demo … Continue reading

  • Justin Bigart

    The Wisetail Way

    Justin Bigart is the Founder & CEO of Wisetail and a proud Montana native.  The team at Wisetail gets up every day and competes directly with $1B+ software companies with nearly unlimited financial capital, massive engineering teams and even bigger sales … Continue reading

  • Daniel Hobbs

    Sustainable Software: SOLID foundations for software longevity

    Daniel Hobbs is a senior software engineer at Wisetail where he spends many a day and night thinking about creating a software platform that is as flexible and responsive as our widely varied clients need it to be. We’ll be talking … Continue reading

  • Toni Matlock

    How Art Leads STEM in the Chase for Innovation

    Toni Matlock

    Toni Matlock is a multi-media artist and entrepreneur.  She began early by drawing and classically swirling paint. She shifted toward serious exploration of materials and methods in Chicago which led to studying percussive textile methods at the University of Washington. … Continue reading

  • Daniel Simser & Jon McCracken

    Feats of desperation - Hacking stuff IRL

    Daniel and Jon will be talking about what’s possible “in real life” when it comes to hacking things. What does it really take to pull things apart, and build something totally brand new? How difficult is it to get into … Continue reading

  • Jason Lengstorf

    Designing on a Team: How to Create Designs that Developers Understand

    Jason Lengstorf

    Any designers, especially those who have traditionally worked alone or who haven’t worked with developers previously, make a lot of small design choices that can frustrate developers and result in difficult layouts or pushback from developers. Developers, on the other … Continue reading

  • Doug Odegaard

    Remote Work and Software Contracting 101

    Thankfully we live in a time when forging out on your own with a new business is much simpler. This includes being an entrepreneur writing software for others.  This session explores how you might be able to become your own … Continue reading

  • John Allwine

    Introduction to Graphics Math

    The fundamental mathematical structures used in graphics programming are the vector and the matrix. In this introduction, we’ll go over fundamental vector and matrix operations and how they apply to graphics programming. Topics will be introduced with visual, interactive demos … Continue reading

  • June Noel

    Mentors: Why We Need Them & Why We Need to be One

    June Noel

     When I received my invitation to speak, I thought about the geekiest topic I could think of to impress the audience. I thought in my head, “Oh, I can talk about my new workflow in front end development, talk about … Continue reading

  • Leif Wickland

    Defusing the configuration time bomb

    Abstract: Hiding inside your configuration files are latent errors waiting to take down your app in a series of cascading failures. Let’s take a look at the paper which made that claim and the authors’ suggestion for how to avoid … Continue reading

  • Scot Lund

    Financing for the rest of us

    Scot R. Lund, Vice President Crestmark Bank and former award winning business owner will share alternative ways in which to finance your businesses. Mr. Lund will discuss lines of credit, factoring, cash advance financing and other ways to finance your business without the … Continue reading

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