2013 Speakers

We are excited about the great speakers who have already confirmed for Big Sky Dev Con. Check back to see which new speakers and keynotes are being added to the roster..


  • Bart Lorang

    Bart Lorang

    Co-Founder & CEO, FullContact

    Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Bart Lorang is a proven entrepreneur, executive and manager in the global technology industry. Mr. Lorang is active in the startup technology community as an angel investor, strategic advisor and speaker at industry events.( Read More → ).

Featured Speakers

  • Liz Marchi

    The Anatomy of the Pitch

    Liz Marchi

    How to pitch to angels?:  One Simple Question Is this TEAM going to leverage these PARTNERS, to execute this PLAN, engaging in these ACTIVITIES, to defeat these COMPETITIORS in order to better serve these CUSTOMERS selling this PRODUCT OR SERVICE … Continue reading

  • Colt Frederickson

    Tests vs Types: Fight!

    Colt Frederickson

    Bio: Colt Frederickson works on the Reporting and Insights team at Rubicon Project where he tries to crush Big Data down into useful data. When he’s not doing that he’s climbing, hiking, biking or otherwise taking advantage of living in … Continue reading

  • Rob Irizarry

    Pitching a Co-founder

    Rob Irizarry

    Technogeek, husband, Dad, avid student of anything & everything. After Oracle’s $1.8 billion acquisition of RightNow in 2012, I decided to get back to my startup roots, founding StartupBozeman.com to help the Montana startup ecosystem grow, investing in a local … Continue reading

  • Michael Paulson, Shane Sizer

    Case Study: Building Sophisticated HTML5 Apps

    Michael Paulson is an MSU graduate and accomplished MIT BattleCode veteran. When he’s not dreaming of touring the world as a standup comedian – he leverages those Javascript skills to build a robust client viewer with the latest technology in … Continue reading

  • Willie Eide

    Are You an Underpants Gnome? 6 Steps of Product Discovery for Agile Development

    Willie Eide

    Product Discovery can mean grand product ideas as well as flushing out small features. Learn about the 6 fundamental steps necessary for product discovery from framing your ideas to product build and delivery. Willie Eide is a Montana native and … Continue reading

  • Jason Lengstorf

    Owner, Copter Labs

    Get Bigger While Staying Small

    Jason Lengstorf

    For freelancers, the dream is to get enough work to stay busy all the time. But how do you grow a freelance business without working yourself to death? And how can you get all the benefits of having employees without … Continue reading

  • Bovard Tiberi, Jon McCracken, & David House

    Node.js + PDF.js

    Bovard Tiberi

    Bovard is a Software Engineer at WebFilings. After earning degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Montana State Bovard served in the Peace Corps for two years in Burkina Faso. Outside of work he enjoys tinkering and AI competitions. Jon … Continue reading

  • Matt Belisle

    Parallel Processing in Go: Fly Fishing and a Monte Carlo Experiment

    Matt Belisle

    This presentation will cover the Go language features and what niches it fills. Matt is a software engineer at WebFilings, working to develop concurrency based scalable apps using Python, Google App Engine, and BigTable. Matt discovered his passion for programming … Continue reading

  • Ian Merwin

    Team Coach

    Iterating Toward Awesome: Start thinking agile!

    Ian is the founder of Montana Programmers and co-founder of Big Sky Dev Con. Ian is a Certified Scrum Master and experienced Team Coach at Webfilings – a fast paced, growing tech environment that has recently transitioned to Agile software … Continue reading

  • Jake Cook

    Founder, Tadpull

    User-First Marketing: How Empathy Builds Empires

    Jake Cook

    In this hands-on talk, we’ll cover a variety of methods to better help market your product or idea by first aligning around the user and their experience. Tips and exercises from the teams at IDEO, Meetup, R/GA, MailChimp and Stanford’s … Continue reading

  • Doug Warner

    Principal, OSITA, LLC

    Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups

    Doug Warner

    What are your options around intellectual property as you begin building your business? What are the costs involved? In this presentation Doug Warner, Principal at OSITA LLC will discuss the various business-focused approaches for strategically handling IP for your business … Continue reading

  • Josh & Trevor Hughes

    Games Meet Education

    Team KAIZEN is the first studio founded under Great Falls based Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company (AEC). AEC was started by Josh and Trevor Hughes and has a goal of turning the North Central Montana region into the Park City of the … Continue reading

  • Kevin McManus

    Coupling & Cohesion in the Darndest Places: Using OO Principles to Develop Effective Learning Content

    Kevin McManus

    There is a paradigm shift underway in how we learn and consume information and there are principles from object orientation that are applicable to building more effective learning content. This presentation will introduce the close relationship between the object-oriented principles … Continue reading

  • Ryan Stout

    Founder & Developer

    Concurrent Processing Models - Processes, Threads and Evented I/O

    Ryan Stout has been doing web development for over fifteen years and has been working with Rails for the last six. He runs a small web-consulting agency and has been involved in startups ranging from social gaming to online dating … Continue reading

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